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NextWorld Evergreen

We partner with consumer companies built on principles.

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Our 100 year horizon gives companies the freedom to grow generational brands that matter.

What makes us Evergreen?

100 Year Commitment
Our 100-year structure creates strategic partnerships without the constraints of traditional private equity mandates. We provide our partners with an enduring source of capital, liquidity and support that gives them the flexibility to make the best decisions at the right time.
Value Beyond Capital
We take a holistic approach to grow companies, providing resources beyond capital to create equity value. We share in the challenges and successes of our partners, rolling up our sleeves alongside teams to compound value as we compound growth.
Intentional Focus
We invest across the personal care, food and beverage sectors, partnering with teams committed to delivering sustainable growth without taking shortcuts.
Accountable Capital
Our unique capital base is more than a commodity: we deploy it responsibly and treat it with intention. We are accountable for each investment, and our capital serves both to generate returns and deliver value for future generations.
NextWorld Evergreen Strategy
NextWorld Evergreen Companies

Where we invest

We seek companies and teams whose motivating principle is to create long term value. We primarily seek to invest in profitable companies with revenue of at least $30 million. We focus on majority investments as part of a platform strategy or in support of existing investments. We also make minority investments in our sectors if they complement our portfolio strategy.
Explore our portfolio
  • Credo Beauty Credo Beauty
    Current Portfolio

    Credo Beauty is setting a new standard for clean beauty through owned retail and online stores.

    Credo Story
  • Smith Teamaker Smith Teamaker
    Current Portfolio

    Smith is the most uncommon name in tea.

    Smith Story
  • Alter Eco Alter Eco
    Current Portfolio

    Alter Eco creates exceptional chocolate with a commitment to full circle sustainability.

    Alter Eco Story
  • Peets Coffee Peets Coffee
    Current Investment

    Legendary coffee roasters redefining what it means to be a responsible coffee purveyor.

  • Kusmi Tea Kusmi Tea
    Current Investment

    Premium tea house creates unique blends for discerning customers across Europe.

  • W3ll People W3ll People
    Current Investment

    A leading clean beauty brand with a team committed to simplicity, authenticity and performance.

  • Mighty Leaf Tea Mighty Leaf Tea
    Realized Investment

    Mighty Leaf crafts whole leaf tea with a commitment to organic sourcing, social responsibility and fair trade. Sold to Peet’s Coffee.

  • La Boulange La Boulange
    Realized Investment

    San Francisco-based wholesale and retail French bakery, sold to Starbucks.

  • Team

    Meet the Team

    We strive to create an environment where we can do our best work. Each day we’re inspired by the perspective, creativity and commitment of other people – particularly the entrepreneurs and leaders we meet who create change through their companies.
    Our Team
    Suzan Canli
    • General Counsel
    Lisa Chang
    • Accounting Manager
    Scott Donohue
    • Partner
    Andrew Fatch
    • Senior Associate
    David Fife
    • Partner
    Andrea Freedman
    • Operating Partner
    Stephanie Gonzalez
    • Office & HR Manager
    Alan Liu
    • Senior Accountant
    Seb Lepinard
    • Managing Partner
    Antonio Martinez
    • Office Assistant
    Eric Sipf
    • Senior Associate
    Laura Tse
    • VP of Finance
    Ryan Williams
    • Operating Partner
    Christina Yu
    • Vice President
    Our Advisors
    Luc Vandevelde
    Luc Vandevelde
    • Senior Advisor
    Frédéric Benqué
    Frédéric Benqué
    • Advisor
    Stefan Pepe
    Stefan Pepe
    • Advisor
    Keith Bearden
    Keith Bearden
    • Advisor